Qwerty Wars

Let’s go fishing. All we have to do is set the bait, get em hooked on the line and bring em on in. It’s much like lyrical fool’s gold or magnetic conversational triggers. *Spoiler Alert*: TROLLS get TROLLED. Contemplating ideas of logical sense from us human beings comprehension of authenticated circuits to chemically altered biological sense of talking in basic forms of communicating over the wire with one another or machine, another so called random function that’s not so random. It’s ashame to profile a ghosted Internet’s online community’s from being of human origin written form versus automatic generated blog post and articles being rewritten to another readable form. So who’s big brother to be my 1st responder to any inquires made over a network, all of the so called people in this world who think they communicate securely and secretive are tech junky fad and bitwise logical gates playing chess with new tech news feeds I see are more lucrative pathways of making advanced to super quantum level of difficulty reaching possibilities to only escape.